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Content Management

At Crestec, we believe that your company's content is:

• Your most valuable asset
• Your best competitive weapon
• Your most important investment

Good content is vital to the success of your business, and creating it can be expensive and time-consuming. That's why it's important to leverage the value of your content. Crestec can help you get more out of your content investment by making it available in more places, to more people, at the lowest possible cost.

Some of your customers might want a printed catalog, some a video, others a CD-ROM or a Web site. Crestec will get your information to your customer in the medium they prefer, which is the key to getting their attention. We can localize your message to fit regional communication styles and cultural values, too, which is essential to your global business success.

Our mission is to help our customers realize the greatest value out of their content investment in any language, in any medium, and in every market in the world.

Software Development and Localization

Crestec provides the application development, technical support, content management and maintenance our customers need to meet their business goals on the Web. Our programmers are versed in the latest technologies and software, and we localize applications for regional markets around the world. We've been building large, business-to-business and business-to-consumer Web sites for our customers since 1995. Nearly all are large, catalog-oriented sites with some level of e-commerce or e-business technology in use. We're especially proud of our ongoing business relationships where Crestec is a full-service, multi-lingual Web design, development and marketing organization.

Website Design and Production

Whether you need to establish an Internet presence or wish to enhance the Web site you already have, give us a call. Crestec offers full-service Web design, development and marketing services. Our staff includes programmers versed in the latest technologies and software, talented graphic designers, and experienced Web marketing strategists. We can provide you with e-business applications and content management tools for marketing, sales support, training and customer relationship management. We can give you all of the support and services you need to meet your mission-critical business goals on the Web.

E-Commerce and E-Business Applications

Crestec offers flexible solutions for e-commerce and e-business on the World Wide Web. Studies show that whether shoppers buy online or in a store, up to 82 percent of them first conduct research on the Web before they make their purchases. The Web sites developed by Crestec contain compelling content and interactive features that advance consideration of our customers' products-whether they are sold online or not.

The e-commerce applications we've developed range from very sophisticated applications that integrate with our customers' enterprise systems to very simple applications that provide shoppers the convenience of online ordering yet don't disrupt our customers' internal operations. Crestec develops functionality and provides a full range of services to support e-commerce efforts including marketing, inventory management, sales lead management, and product fulfillment and distribution.

Crestec develops e-business programs to help our customers meet mission-critical business goals on the Web. We build Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites for a variety of customers with goals that range from reducing mail-house costs by automating document delivery to providing online price quotes, sales training materials and sales commission request processing.

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