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Global Services

  • CE Marketing Compliance


    Support service for compliance with overseas laws, regulations, and standards

  • Content-Focused XML Technology


    Support service for adopting DITA

  • Cloud-Service-Type Integrated-creation Support System


    Support and integrated management system for creating documents

  • Law Document Support System


    Manages large amounts of text, text searches and public disclosure of the information

  • Document Comparison and Detailed-checking Tool for Japanese


    Dramatically improve the efficiency of your document comparison and proofreading work!

President's Message

CRESTEC was founded in Hamamatsu, Japan, in 1984 as a multilingual document engineering company. Since then, the company has expanded its range of services and established offices in major cities throughout Japan as well as in the United States, United kingdom, Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Philippines to serve our growing list of customers worldwide.

Through the most up-to-date technology and high-speed connections, this vast global network of CRESTEC companies provides timely delivery of high-quality goods and services to customers around the world. Which is why, today, several of the world's largest and most respected companies trust their projects – and reputations – to CRESTEC.

Takao Chimura
CRESTEC Philippines, Inc.