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Document Engineering

Crestec was founded in 1984 as a document engineering company, and today we're a market leader in all its many facets:

• SGML documentation
• Technical and promotional translation and copywriting
• Design and production of technical manuals
• Graphic design and technical illustrations
• Multilingual technical writing and editing
• Consultancy service for publications
• Pre-press production and management
• Printing management of document engineering
• CD-ROM design and production
• Web site design and production

Whatever your communications strategy calls for-in print, interactive media or on the Web-you can count on Crestec to deliver the right message, in the right medium, wherever you do business. We can help you develop a technical manual, a sales brochure for a local market, or launch a global Web site in multiple languages. Because we have expertise in all facets of document engineering, we can help you leverage your communications over all media to maximize your impact and the return on your documentation investment.

Multilingual Technical Writing and Editing

Crestec provides technical writing and editing services in more than 70 languages through our network of 1500 skilled writers, editors, translators and reviewers. For our multinational customers, we generate or localize the content for hardware and software user's guides, software user interfaces, Web sites, online help files, and documentation in a broad range of technical subject matters.

Technical / Commercial Translation and Copywriting

Crestec helps you speak the language of the global marketplace. We've established a vast network of qualified, in-country translators, writers and reviewers to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy in more than 70 languages. We also use industry-standard Translation Memory and Terminology software to further enhance consistency throughout your documentation. Crestec's time-proven strategies can improve your time-to-market, help lower your globalization costs, and will allow you to deliver your properly targeted message in any language... in any medium... in every market in the world.

Technical Manual Design and Production

In facilities around the globe, Crestec professionals bring our expertise in technical writing and illustration together with our experience in publication design and production to create manuals on a broad range of technical subjects. We are equally adept at producing manuals for electronic media as for print. We can help you achieve greater market penetration by adapting your current printed manuals for CD-ROM and online distribution, as well as translating them into 70 languages.

Technical Illustration and Graphic Design

Crestec provides technical illustration for many of the world's automotive and electronics manufacturers. Our years of experience in a wide range of industries give us a unique ability to illustrate parts, and document their operation, for all kinds of customers from the engineer to the end user. In facilities around the world, we reverse engineer everything from toasters to tractors. We provide illustration as part of a total technical manual design and production solution, or as a stand-alone service, as needed.

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